Our mission is to help individuals and families build confidence in their financial future through comprehensive financial planning

So how do we do that?  By helping you Take Control of Your Financial World.

Like many others, we are financial advisors who will work with you to develop an investment portfolio specific to your needs, wants, desires, time frames, tolerance to risk and more.  We'll take all of your investments into consideration when making recommendations so you can see what your entire portfolio looks like, including accounts we don't manage for you. 

We will also help you get a 360 degree view of your financial well-being.  We will create for you a Personal Financial Website (click here) where you'll be able to see a current snapshot of your finances any time you want, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
















We can also work with you to create different scenarios.  Will you have enough to retire?  What if you want to retire early?  How would buying that lake home affect your retirement accounts long term?  Or that new car?  What would happen if you down sized your home and saved a little more today?  These are all decisions we are able to help you with so you can see how your choices affect your finances today, but also 20 years+ down the road.